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About FCAI Learning Center


Film & Creative Arts Institute better known as FCAI, is a Top Acting School in India based film education institute. We are one of the best acting schools in India, who provides full acting solution including script writing, directing, photography and cinematography, production and of course acting. When any student enrolls with us, he is given the best possible guidance from our experts. At India’s No.1 Acting School ,we also own a production house branch that provides the student with best education. Our direction faculties are well known directors in the industry, which makes us one of the best direction schools in India.

Mumbai Centre:  FCAI have many branches and Top Acting School in Mumbai. After joining our program one individual can be an aspiring film maker. If someone wants to be a professional film director, we provide them with the best possible faculties in and around Mumbai. FCAI also provides best acting classes in Mumbai. Apart from acting classes FCAI also specializes in Direction, and thus provides best direction classes Mumbai. From cinematography to script writing, FCAI teaches it all. FCAI have got the best faculties in India. The faculty members includes some well-known personalities from the Industry, and provides best acting classes in Mumbai. Students are also offered a wide array of film making subjects like documentary, TV commercials and promos, song, film projects so that the participants can broaden up their knowledge in the world film making. In today’s date FCAI is a big name in the film industry with some great teaching staffs. After the completion of every courses, students are given assignments and they are also provided with job assistance.

Delhi Centre:  Apart from Mumbai, FCAI also have a branch in Delhi. In today’s date FCAI is  not only the Top Acting School in Delhi but also the best film making school in Delhi. Starting from script writing to cinematography, everything related to film-making is taught here under one roof. With the best faculties available, we provide the best acting classes in Mumbai. All of our students get the best guidance of the best of the industry. Each and every students is taken care off personally. If someone has enthusiasm in film making, but they are not getting the right exposure, this is the place for them. Students will learn about the art of filming, including selecting the crew and handling the actors, by studying with us. Our program is organized in such a way that the students will get to know about the basic fundamentals of film making. The students will get to know about different techniques of shooting, staging and blocking. Casting is a great aspect of film production. The participants will have a clear idea about the basic fundamentals of cinematography as we are the best directing school in Delhi. After completion of each and every programs, students are given some projects to gain some hands-on experiences. Apart from these FCAI also provides the students with a 100% job assistance.

Chandigarh Centre:  Chandigarh Centre is our third Centre in India. FCAI the Top Acting School in Chandigarh, provides solution to all film related problems. In the institute, we provide classes on script writing, cinematography and photography, directing classes, acting classes including production classes and many more. We are one of the best directing schools in Chandigarh, who offers students to learn everything from the basics. FCAI is a leading center who can provide you with all suitable guidance to become a professional Film maker. The mentors of our team have got some immense past experiences which will help students for a secure professional life. Apart from film directing, FCAI also specializes in acting classes. Students here are taught with the subject emotion and feelings to produce a real looking actors. We provide the best acting classes in Chandigarh where the basic fundamentals of film genres are taught, so that students can understand the acting process. All of our past students are flourishing in the industry and some of them have already succeeded. Starting from directing to script writing, FCAI provides them all. We are the best film making schools in Chandigarh who provides a one roof solutions to all your film making problems. After each and every course completes, we provide the students with an assignments or an on- field project, so that they can gain some experiences.

Indore Center:  FCAI is planning to launch a new Center in Indore. Here we will provide a students with best possible faculties and mentors, who can give the basic fundamental knowledge of film making. In this Centre we will be giving students the courses of Film making, Directing, Script Writing, Photography and Cinematography and the basic knowledge of a production house. After the completion of any of the programs, a student will be getting a 100% job assistance for a secure life. If anyone is thinking about joining some film making classes, join the best, join FCAI.