Guide your way to Acting

Although its said that ‘Actors are born and not made’, a formal program in acting gives a person fine exposure, training and education that increase his/her chances of success in acting career. To become a thorough professional, one not only has to hone his/her skills but certain other points are to be kept in mind as well.

Other prerequisite is a good experience in drama production or an acting School with placement.Whenever we think deeply about glamour or fame, we visualize Bollywood and cities like Mumbai or Delhi in our vision. But with all the glitz and glamour comes hard work & sheer hard work.

  1. Finding your feet : With an array of different colleges around, it takes a while to get into the drama school or institute suiting your requirement. Merely rushing and accepting any college doesn’t give much a needed solution. So, sit back and relax. Our Production house situated in Mumbai and Delhi namely FCAI – Film & Creative Arts Institute is known to have a wide range of experiencing in Films, TV’s and ads. Since its start, it has never looked back and even excelled in short films & albums. These are one of the popular production houses in the nation passionate and zealous focusing on the best quality of work. Although the steps to becoming an actor or a celebrity isn’t as clear-cut as other profession but an investment done today can make all the difference in future.
  • Provides a supportive Environment : We provide you with a place to fine-tune your technique with the best tool available to help you sell yourself. In this competitive landscape of acting, there should be someone in your corner willing to fight for you. There will be potential managers as agents in the big-picture perspective , who will walk that extra mile to shape your career here.
  • Helps create your own work : Only you know what you are capable of doing and sometimes we see that the jobs we book, don’t represent the full range of your talent. Hence try putting your own projects involving all aspects of production which is itself a valuable education.
  1.  Promote yourself : Sometimes the elements of self-promotion through our production house acts a key. The Production houses are like agents working hard on your behalf and helps get name and face in the marketplace.

     5.   Networking : The most valued asset in acting career is the connection you are building. India’s No.1 Institute provide a plethora of well known casting directors, hyphenates and producers. To build your contact equity, you need to put a strong reliable systematic place and then nurture your relationship with them to get your wheels turning.

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