Founder And Producer

Bhushan Patiyal is an actor & film producer in Bollywood film industry. When it comes to biography of Bhushan Patiyal, he works hard to get the best position in the film industry. He holds a bachelor degree in B.Tech from the famous engineering college in Delhi named as Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications engineering.


However, he has come from many miles distances since 2008 with passion effort, experience on the particular field and sheer hard word which succeeded in much accomplishment. Most of the people are inspired due to his hard work and passion effort on this career. However, he also meets many difficulties to get this high position. He only believed the strength of the team as well as team work. Apart from that, he always trusts the team strength can be easily measured with skills, involvement in every part of the work and capabilities of person. These are the most important factors helps to reach a targeted goal easily as well as quickly without any hassle. His life history and growth will effectively reflect that he has been successfully by introducing new and innovative ideas and concepts into the business for enhancing the business growth in a better level. He also found this is the right way to enhance business rightly. He received an excellent opportunity of Network marketing business on 15th march 2008. From that day he is doing this network marketing business with a lot of enthusiasm with his brothers Rohit Patlyal, Azad Patlyal and Shrawan Patlyal.


He also uses an effective track to reach his business goals easily. Most of the businessman takes he is the best inspiration of their future career. Apart from that, he also started Warriors business leadership network as named as a Warriors Coach. According to his business records and achievements, now he is one of the most famous and leading Network marketing Tycoon in India. He strongly works and believes that makes the dreams and work for his dreams. Currently he was doing many things and achievements in the business world as well as film industry. These achievements are highly considerable and give excellent experience for his future life. However, he does many achievements to reach his goal easily. He always looks forward to achieve something in the business world. He turned producer and founded Filmy Current Production in March 2015.

Bhushan Patiyal


Creative Head

Kamlesh Kunti Singh is probably the only writer who has been in the business since the early days of satellite television in India and perhaps, has not delivered a single flop. Over a career spanning 16 years in this industry, Kamlesh has scripted TV blockbusters like Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. To his pure credits he has shows like Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, Kumkum, and Sindoor.

His writing skills have not been limited to television only. He has written the feature film Phir Kabhi, for which he was felicitated with the award for Best Screenplay at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival in 2009. His directorial skills have been fine honed over a series of short films and documentaries culminating in Saare Chaar, his semi-autobiographical and iconoclastic Bengali Feature Film, which narrates the story of a TV writer struggling to keep his Navrasas alive in an increasingly commercially driven industry.


That apart, he has also served as the Programming Head of Mahuaa Bhojpuri, a stint that saw him churn out the hugely popular soap in the Bhojpuri Belt S Se Sarsati. Not to stop here, he has also produced two regional shows, Naach Party and Arre Bhai Dhat Tere Ki for Zee Purvaiya, a channel that caters for viewers of Bihar and Jharkhand.

He is truly a modern writer with tons of experience, say more than 30 TV serials.

Kamlesh Kunti Singh